Jai Osatharom is an exceptional family daycare provider who has served the needs of the El Cerrito/Albany area for the past 28+ years..  She is a very dedicated, loving and energetic lady with a profound understanding of the child's mind as he/she grows and develops into a thinking and speaking individual.  She respects them, gives them an abundance of attention and love, and plays a key role in shaping their overall personality and the framework of the relationships that they build with their parents and peers.  She empowers children to make their own decisions and puts a great deal of emphasis on speaking up rather than whining or crying about their frustrations.  She had an abundance of patience and is very intuitive.  All children who go to Jai's during their pre-K years grow to be incredibly respectful, helpful and thoughtful to their peers, and develop fond memories of the lifelong friendships they've made while playing together in her house and yard.


  • Ability to speak effectively to children in a matter-of-fact tone so that they's listen to her
  • Highly dependable, full of life, hard-working, willing to share all knowledge and hands-on experience gained over the years as a parent, grandmother and caregiver to parents of children she cares for
  • Creates a supportive and nurturing environment to children of all ages and parents of varying backgrounds, extremely patient, passionate about gaining an understanding of how each child under her care is wired
  • Proven skills in time management, sensitive to children’s schedules and routines, committed to consistency, enforcing rules and acceptable behaviors  
  • Age-appropriate stimulating play-based activities (role playing, cooking, bicycling, slides, puzzles, building blocks)
  • Well-versed in "ages & stages" for infants thru young adolescents (every step of child’s physical, emotional and social development)
  • Coaches children to responsibly clean up after themselves (early on in their toddler months)
  • Deeply committed to keeping honest and open communication with parents, comfortable with sharing opinions and will offer suggestions on how to reduce temper tantrums and any stubborn behavior, target individual needs of each child
  • Shares observations with parents about each child on a regular basis, knows what's best for your child, will adapt the way she talks to each child as needed to help them to understand why they do the things they do
  • Children learn to respect and listen to each other (not to interrupt others while they are talking)
  • Children develop motor skills and develop muscular control
  • Plays a critical role in helping children to develop self-esteem and the tools needed to get along
  • Effective guidance and encouragement to the older children to help younger children with responsibilities, promoting teamwork and empowering them to think for themselves
  • Big emphasis on being polite and using your words, having good manners, being responsible for your own actions, showing gratitude toward parents and peers
  • Exceptional testimonials from parents

Location: close to El Cerrito Plaza BART station, close to I-80 exit

Current Status: Accepting new infants and toddlers
Setting: Home daycare based

Licensed to accept children from birth to 8 years of age
Small family setting
Tidy, clean, safe and nurturing environment
Play-based with structured routine
Children are encouraged to explore and learn, and are guided in an age-appropriate manner to develop new skills with emphasis on social skills
New parents are provided with updates on child’s developmental needs, guidance on how to reduce frustration in child before he/she can communicate, effective disciplinary measures
Age-appropriate guidance in a stimulating environment
Indoor and outdoor activities (fenced play yard area) 
Cloth diapers acceptable
Potty training when children are ready, guidance for parents in the process